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    Get off the couch and get into the workforce this summer! Build your resume and earn credit toward on-time graduation.

  • Learn the Skills It Takes to Be Successful

    Students receive 20 hours of orientation training before their first day of employment. Get more information about how to host a student!

  • Commuting Doesn’t Have to Be a Challenge

    Summer Jobs 253 students will receive an ORCA pass. Get more information about our student program!

Summer Jobs 253 offers Tacoma Public School incoming juniors and seniors the opportunity to earn high school credit for graduation and the opportunity to gain meaningful work experience.

Our youth summer employment program provides Tacoma high school students with:

  • 96-hours of paid work experience
  • Up to 2 high school credits
  • An academic completion bonus
  • Basic work readiness
  • Resume/interview skills
  • Increased self-confidence and personal growth

It provides employers with:

  • Low-cost, low risk summer workforce
  • An Intelligent and motivated employee
  • Access to a diverse pool of talent
  • An opportunity to change lives
  • Recruit future employees


Summer Jobs 253 Helping Students, Growing Employees!

Whether you want to become a program sponsor a student in your business or participate in the program – it makes a lasting difference in your community.


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